• In 2017 I lost my dad to dementia, My dad loved boating on the Norfolk Broads for many years. One boat he loved was a seaking sailing boat called Alcyone213k. I spent many happy holidays on Alcyone213k.
    When my dad's health got worse, He could no longer sail Alcyone213k, He had to make a heartbreaking decision to sell Alcyone. My mum did suggest taking the mast off but my dad refused. Alcyone was sold and went to Woodbridge where she was for four years. A few times my parents went to Woodbridge to see Alcyone.
    For three years I looked for Alcyone but didn't have much luck. Then in 2021 I came across a blog by Nick Ardley. Alcyone213k was found in a boat grave yard in Titchmarsh Marina. After a few phone calls back and forth, Alcyone213k was mine. I was lucky enough that I had somewhere to store Alcyone213k.
    Alcyone213k is now at the boat Builders ready to be restored. Only thing now is alcyone213k needs a engine.
    I have set up a fund-raiser towards getting a inboard engine