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Lewis Capaldi Pet Mat

Lewis Capaldi Pet Mat

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The personalized pet food mat is designed to minimize mess while adding a touch of style to your pet's dining area. Crafted with a non-slip rubber base, this pet feeding mat is perfect for even the clumsiest dogs and cats during mealtime. Each mat is rectangular in shape, thick, and suitable for both dogs and cats. - Material: 100% polyester blend front, 100% neoprene rubber back

- Size: One size fits all

- Design: One-sided print with edge-to-edge full-color surface

- Non-slip back ensures the mat stays in place

This durable pet food mat is not only practical but also adds a fun and personalized touch to your pet's feeding area. Perfect for containing spills and crumbs, while being easy to clean. Give your furry friends a stylish dining experience with this functional and charming pet food mat.

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