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Lewis Capaldi Drinkware

Lewis Capaldi Drinkware

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Reduce your impact on the environment with this stylish Lewis Capaldi drinkware that helps minimize your plastic footprint. Perfect for road trips, this tumbler fits seamlessly into car cup holders. The rubber gasket feature ensures it's spill-resistant even on rough roads, while the double-wall insulation keeps your beverages at the ideal temperature until you make your next stop. Please note that the colors on the actual product may appear slightly less vibrant than on the mockup image. For more accurate color representation, it is recommended to oversaturate your colors or images. The tumbler is crafted using a digital inkjet printing technique that transfers designs line by line, which may result in faint horizontal lines being visible on the final product. Key Features: - Double-wall insulation

- Material: Stainless steel

- Fits perfectly in car cup holders

- Spill-resistant sliding lid with a rubber gasket to prevent leaks

Get your hands on this versatile tumbler and enjoy your drinks on the go in style while doing your part for the environment.

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