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Lewis Capaldi Mug - Trust me I'm a Lewis Capaldi girl

Lewis Capaldi Mug - Trust me I'm a Lewis Capaldi girl

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This 11oz mug is made of brilliant white ceramic material with AAA+ ORCA coating, making them excellent for printing vibrant colors. They are easy to clean, microwave-safe, and the orca coating mugs can withstand up to 3000 cycles in the dishwasher. You can customize this 11oz Mug with your designs to make the next coffee or tea moment even more enjoyable. Attributes: - White ceramic

- 11 oz (0.33 l)

- AAA+ ORCA coating

Enhance your daily coffee or tea experience with this 11oz mug crafted from high-quality white ceramic with a beautiful AAA+ ORCA coating. The brilliant white surface allows vibrant colors to pop when printed on the mug, ensuring your custom designs look stunning. The sturdy construction of these mugs makes them both microwave-safe and dishwasher-friendly, withstanding up to 3000 cycles in the dishwasher without losing their charm. Personalize this classic 11oz mug to create unique gifts or add a personalized touch to your own collection. Ideal for home use or as a thoughtful present for friends and family.

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